By: Rhythm Livin
Source: http://vimeo.com/rhythmlivin

Spring/Summer…..the best time of year! Daylight hours get longer, water temp starts rising. Rubber quickly gives way to above-the-knee cotton-blend trunks designed for all purpose activities. That oh so familiar and joyous calling to head south with a van full of boards, esky full of cheap meat, beers, guitars and less than adequate sleeping provisions looms….and you just can’t help but cloud the brain with impending excitement! Pick your spot, gee up the crew and go make some life long memories that money can’t buy.

This Is Rhythm – The Sound Of Change.

Film/Edit – Jay Button.


– Twin Pin – testrun.

By: Slippery Saltwater Chronicles
Source: http://vimeo.com/slipperysaltwaterchron

A few years back Kahana Kalama rode a twin pin shaped by local shaper, Jeff McCallum, for Kookbox Surfboards. The board became a staple in Kahana’s quiver and he has always been fond of the form & function that the twin pin model provides.

Last month Kahana shaped his very first surfboard. Inspired by the unique shape of the twin pin model developed by the Mirandon brothers of La Jolla, CA in the late 1960s, Kahana tried his hand at creating a similar craft for the looming summer sessions at San Diego’s beach breaks.

To see Kahana’s first session on his twin pin shaped by Jeff McCallum visit : (www.vimeo.com/49556355)

Animations : Justin Elwell (www.instagram.com/justin_elwell)

Film & Edit : Evan Schell (www.evanschell.com)


By: Slippery Saltwater Chronicles
Source: http://vimeo.com/slipperysaltwaterchron

Acclimate is a short film that showcases Kahana Kalama test riding a handful of Bing Surfboards in California & Hawai’i.

Boards: Bing Surfboards ~ 5’9″ Sunfish, 5’8″ Dart, & 6’8″ Sunfish.

Supported by: Bing Surfboards (www.bingsurf.com), Richer Poorer (www.richer-poorer.com), Banks (www.banksjournal.com), Slowtide (www.slowtide.co), & Aloha Beach Club (www.alohabeachclub.com).

Music by: Sunburnt Reynolds & BADBADNOTGOOD ft. Kaytranada.

Film & Edit: Evan Schell (www.evanschell.com)

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