By: Deus ex Machina

The 5th annual Deus Slidetober Fest was held from 16-18 October 2015. As is

customary, the day of surfing took place on Pereranan Beach and was an

opportunity to ride and experiment on some of Deus’ finest surfboards. Once

again, we were gifted with the exemplary surf that Bali is renowned for. Every

man, woman and his/her dog joined in the revelry.

Beginning with a pool of 40, the surfers were slowly whittled down to a final of

four. The final four included: Harrison Roach, Jared Mell, Chris McHutchinson,

Tomohisa Yoshikawa. On a dropping tide with challenging conditions, Harrison

bagged the win.

You’ve seen the imagery, now you can feast your eyes on the day’s film

highlights. Enjoy.

Video by : Nick Jones

Cinematography :
Nick Jones
Andre Cricket
Moritz Leibl

Music by – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Dingus Dispatches

By: Dingus Dispatches

Dingus Dispatches follows the travels of an inflatable dinghy, The H.M.S. Dingus.

Foster packed the inflatable boat into the back of his truck along with a few surfboards and headed due south from the Pacific Northwest to the southern reaches of Mexico’s Peninsula.

Fishing, Surfing & Direction: Foster Huntington (
Cinematography, Editing, Graphics & Direction:
Fishing & Surfing:
Graphics: Corey Ellis, Tommy Shimko
Music: Scott Redmond, Roger Van Oterloo, Son of PM, El Polen


By: Matt Kleiner

Asher Pacey understands the concept of good living as well as anyone. Camping in a beach cave, fishing for dinner and putting his trusty twin fin to good work, Asher truly finds the fun in just about everything.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor : Matt Kleiner ( )

Starring : Asher Pacey

Music : Robert Lester Folsom “Ode to a rainy day” ( )
Rodriguez “Hate Street Dialogue” (…/id654135643 )
Baby Grandmothers “Being is more than life” ( )

Small Adventures

By: Nathan Oldfield

‘Small Adventures’ is the latest collaboration from the salty, creative crew behind The Critical Slide Society. It features team riders Jake Bevan, Thomas Bexon, Kai Ellice-Flint, CJ Nelson, Simon Patchett, Jacob Pedrana, Mick Rodgers & Eden Saul.

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First Unit Land & Water Camera: Nathan Oldfield
Second Unit Camera: Macauley Rae
Edit: Nathan Oldfield
Titles: Zander Van Oldenborgh
Music: ‘The Summer Is Done With Us’ by Palms

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